Monday, April 30, 2012

My Tan Commandments

My Tan Commandments

  • Exfoliate before getting spray tans or applying self tanners.
  • Moisturize before and after no matter what form of tanning you use.
  • Shave before tanning
  • Dont shower immediately after using a tanning bed
  • Apply self tanners at bedtime so by morning your bronzed and fabulous!
  • Use a light body wash in the shower if using self tanners
  • Remove all makeup before getting in a tanning bed
  • Cover face in tanning beds if you get blotchy skin or hyper pigmentation 
  • If you're waxing, do it the day before.
  • Use latex or vinyl gloves when applying self tanners to avoid streaking
  • Always make sure your tan goes to the hairline because that can be a dead giveaway 
  • After applying self tanner, take gloves off and apply moisturizer to nails, knuckles and wrists. Place a small amount of tanner on the back of wrists and begin to rub in using the back of your hands. Then apply to wrists as if you were apply perfume.
  • Make sure to let your self tanner dry!
  • Use sunscreen outdoors
What are your tanning commandments? 


  1. Great advice! My recommendation would be ALWAYS use professional products when using indoor tanning equipment. I use and Ed Hardy bronzer and loooove it.

  2. This is so helpful! I bought the fake bake self tanner and I used it once and I hated how the color showed up on my wrist and my knuckles. But I am going to try and apply moisturizer first. Thanks! (:

  3. great tips!

    you are so beautiful! :-)

  4. I agree with all your commandments ;)

  5. great post. i dont go tanning often but when i do i make sure to do all, if not most of this stuff b/c i am paranoid of looking like an absolute mess! lol

  6. haha thats good you do these tips though!

  7. You're so beautiful!
    Thanks for following, I followed back.