Saturday, February 9, 2013

latest skincare with Clinique!!

Since I have started working for clinique, I have really been working on having a good skincare regimen for my skin type.... Your makeup only looks as good as your skin does underneath.

My daily and nightly skin care routine for oily, acne prone skin includes....

Wash- away gel cleanser for oily skin to remove makeup
acne solutions 3 step for face wash,clarifying lotion (toner), and clearing moisturizer
I absolutely love this product! Cleared up my acne!

basic eye cream

eye serum

radiance renewer

moisturizer to balance oil and water in skin and hydrate


My skin care process begins with the wash away gel cleanser to remove my makeup. Then, i use 7-day scrub for up to five minutes all over my face including my lips. Next, is the acne solutions cleansing foam wash. After I dry my face, using a cotton ball, I sweep the acne solutions clarifying lotion all over my face one time (after the product was first shaken). Then, I use my dramatically different moisturizing gel since this product balances the oil and water in my skin and helps to hydrate without adding more oil into my already oily skin. Next, I use my all about eyes serum followed by the eye cream in the rich formula. Next, I use my turnaround concentrate all over not including the eye area. Finally I use the acne solutions clearing moisturizer.

If you have any questions please comment below! I didn't really go into what each product does if you want me to please comment below! If you want a skincare tip post comment below!
thanks <3