Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blush, Blush, Blush

Which blush color is best for your skin tone

Very pale: Soft pastels without any brown tones

Light: pale pink tones

Medium: sandy pink to tawny tones

Yellow or Olive: rose or deep pink tones

Dark: soft plum or deep cranberry tones

Types of Blushes

Powder: Easiest formula for application. Everyone should own powder blushes

Gel: Best worn on totally smooth skin. This type gives a sheer color but can be hard to blend

Cream: Great for dry skin because of its dewy finish. However, if you have active breakouts do not wear a cream blush because you can rub away your foundation. Varies between denser and sheerer formulas

Big Pencils: Works best with normal skin because it can be hard to blend with dry skin. Pencils can also be used on the lips and are the easiest to carry around with all day for quick touch ups.

Tints: Best for smooth skin and are a sheer color usually in a stick form

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