Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beauty in Ireland

Beauty in Ireland

I enjoy learning about different cultures all over the world just as much as I love learning about makeup. Therefore, I decided to combine the two a bit. I emailed Rachel (check out her blog and follow!) from Ireland asking her some questions about cosmetics in Ireland. I think this is a neat little post, how about you? Comment your thoughts below or if you want to represent the next country! 

Where can you buy high end makeup? Sephora, Ulta, Department stores?
As you may already know Sephora and Ulta are Amercian stores so they not here in Ireland. When Irish Beauty lovers want to purchase high products we have different options. Many high end brands are available in department stores, retail stores and independent pharmacies. Dublin is the capital of Ireland, this huge city is home to some most beauty department stores such as Brown Thomas, House of Fraser and Harvey Cichols which stock some of the highest of high end brands. Many high end brands are only available in the larger towns and citys. For instance the nearest MAC counter to me is situated 2 hours away! :-(

What are the top 5 low end makeup brands?
There are many low end makeup brands available in Ireland. 
Natural collection, Catrice, MUA, Essence and NYC.

What is the top beauty magazine(s)?
There are three main Irish beauty Magazines that I know of , 'Irish Tatler' (my fav) 'Stellar' and 'Social and Personal'. All the British magazines are also available in Ireland such Cosmopolitan and Vogue.

Are there any beauty products you can't get in Ireland you wish you could?
Cover Girl but we do have there sister company Max Factor here. No Sephora. :-(

Have you noticed by looking at other blogs or what not that some cosmetic brands don't sell the same items in Ireland as they do in the US or other countries?
Yes I have noticed that American Lancome products are very different to Irish or European products.

Are the beauty trends the same as in the US?
I am pretty sure, that the current 2012 beauty trends such as bold coral colours and full browns are pretty similar in both countries.

Is tanning popular?
As you can probably image false tanning is very popular here in Ireland as we get no sunshine :-( 

Are acrylic nails popular?
In my opinion Acrylic nails are not very popular in Ireland. there maybe slight more common in the larger cities to not to a huge extent.

Thanks again to Rachel for letting me interview her! 
Don't forget to check out her blog! :)
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  1. Love the post its always great hearing what other countries have available in beauty products :)

  2. Ooh this is fun! I'd love to be the next country, Italy! xx

  3. ops, i'm italian too... next time!!!! I love your blog!!!