Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Göt2b Favorites

Crazy Sleek Hot Smooth Flat Iron & Blow Dry Lotion
POWDER'ful Volumizing Styling Powder

I recently bought both of these products because at work they were BOGO so i thought what the heck ill try them out. 
First I will review Powder'ful. I absolutely love this product and I will be purchasing it again. It takes 10 seconds to realize how awesome this is and at a cheap price. The application is super easy and works on all hair types. The product is in something that resembles salt and pepper shakers so just shake a bit into your hands or roots and rub it in until it disappears. The only downfall is that it leaves a different texture on your roots at first but nothing that is stiff, annoying or unbearable. I like how this product is cheap and you can get it pretty much anywhere. I am wearing just a small amount of this as my product for volume in my swap video if you want to see the results.

I am really happy that I chose to buy the crazy sleek. This product works really well and especially at such a cheap price. First of all I love how this stuff isn't sticky or heavy because Ive had that happen to me before. However, there is a bit of a smell with this but nothing too overwhelming, or at least in my opinion. The formula for this is a little thick because it is somewhat a gel like substance so it sprays in a stream more so than a mist. This lotion also works well  for thick course hair when it comes to helping it straighten. This product is very smoothing and contains proteins and keratin which is a plus for me. I believe this product does exactly what it claims to do; smooth, protect, moisturize.

I would recommend both products!

What are your thoughts? Have any other questions?
I love reading your comments :)


  1. I love the Powder-ful its awesome and its great having a product I can pack when traveling that is compact and wont leak:)
    Sara xx

  2. Great reviews :D I love the sound of the first product, sounds really good.